​*Mary did a ThetaHealing session on me when I was going through a very difficult time with my four-year-old. My little girl was very oppositional, seeming to enter the infamous "terrible two's" at age one and remaining there right through 4 and a half. We had tried all kinds of different techniques to help her be more peaceful and cooperative, including other ThetaHealers working on her, to no avail. Though the love in our mother/daughter relationship was clear, so was the huge conflict. Mary approached the entire situation in a different way than anyone else had, pinpointing several issues (both from this life and past lives) that no one had ever even considered before. I can honestly say the change in our little one was miraculous. The vociferous opposition simply melted away. The hour-long tantrums became 5-minute snits. Our whole family dynamic has changed for the better, and I can never thank Mary enough. TL in NY

*Many aspects of my life are transforming as a result of the powerful ThetaHealing® sessions Mary has facilitated for me, which includes the following:

  • I am finally a healthy body weight, after working through issues / beliefs associated with my birth mother.  My weight was a 28-year challenge, since the birth of my children.

  • After a 2-year estrangement with my son, I am now experiencing a loving relationship again, which includes heart to heart communication and fun-filled times.  I Am so grateful!

  • Most recently, I have resolution to a recurrent financial matter, which had plagued me for years.   (Money issues are never about the money.  It's the underlying beliefs).

Mary skillfully dug to the core of my issues, and then asked Creator of All That Is to make the necessary changes on my behalf, and with my permission.  I really appreciate how every step of the way, the Practitioner asks the client for their permission.  I felt safe, and empowered in my healing process. ThetaHealing® is a powerful process that works!  When you are ready to surrender your challenges to Creator, that's when miracles happen!!  Call Mary. She'll be your guide, with tender loving care. Sessions in person, or on the phone are equally as effective.  Most of mine were phone sessions.  

Mary is also a masterful teacher.  I have taken a variety of courses from her over the years, including ThetaHealing®.  She is extremely gifted at breaking down information in a way that people understand, embody and successfully utilize.  In the midst of delving into the shadows, she'll also have you dancing and laughing!  

Now I am a Certified ThetaHealing® Practitioner witnessing transformations for my clients, which is so fulfilling!  I highly recommend you schedule Mary to come teach in your area.  You and everyone who comes will be so grateful.  
Mary, my heart is over-flowing with gratitude!!!  LLG, Aptos, CA    Lomilomi Practitioner, ThetaHealing®   Practitioner

*After having no income for three and a half months, looking for pennies on my closet floor to buy gas, and facing the certainty of being unable to meet my payroll this week, I decided I had nothing to lose and possibly something to gain by having a ThetaHealing® session with you. My skepticism was a ten out of a possible ten that ThetaHealing® would change anything for me.  We worked together on Sunday afternoon.  By Wednesday, I was depositing $1800 in the bank had more business orders than I had the staff to fill.  It was so easy and comfortable working with you.   PC in CA

*I have been feeling so much better since our last session.  My foot hardly hurts.  I am also not feeling fearful of our situation.  I remember all the work you did to release my subconscious beliefs of poverty and I feel so good.  Thank you Mary.  I love you, and all you have done to heal us moves me to tears.  You have an amazing gift.  Go out into the world with it.  AC in WA

*Just wanted to say THANK YOU, again.  I am still breathing wonderfully and am not going to take the medication the doctor prescribed because I have no discomfort in my chest anymore and can breath DEEP.  I'm convinced I am healed!  JD in NE

*I had a ThetaHealing session with Mary because of insomnia caused by hormonal issues, related to perimenopause. I had tried just about everything, including ThetaHealing, on my perimenopausal issues, and everything had improved except that all-important matter of sleep. After one session with Mary, my nighttime waking stopped and I was able to enter fully into deep sleep and feel refreshed in the morning. Even when one of my kids wakes me up for some reason in the night, I now fall right back to sleep with no problem, which was impossible for me before. I feel so much better and highly recommend Mary to anyone with a long-term condition they think they have tried everything for! KG in NY
EXPECT a miracle!!!
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