It was the birth and death of my second child that pulled 
me deeply into the inquiry of the holiness of life, and 
question my relationship with Spirit. Her birth/death was 
the marker indicating the point where I ceased to place my trust in the reality of our third-dimension world. I began steering into the wide turn away from the facts and the information derived from my five senses and towards the invisible forces that shape this world.   

Through the grace of Ascension meditation, and A Course in Miracles, I have become a master of gratitude and Love.  My heart is opening in deep love and gratitude, as I am becoming the human embodiment of Spirit.

For many years I suffered chronic, physical pain, bouts of depression, and financial uncertainty.  This suffering was caused by my misunderstanding of who I Am.  I thought I was wife, mother, daughter, teacher, mentor, employee, body, and mind.  I spend my waking hours in non-stop doing, doing; seeking approval from my relentless ego/personality.  No matter what label I wore, or what I accomplished, the approval was withheld. I created the suffering in my life through habituated patterns of thought and behavior.  These thoughts generated a chemical response in the body, lodging contracted energy in my organs and cells.  When the contraction reached maximum capacity, pain resulted.  

I now know fully, I am Spirit, Co-Creator of heaven and earth.  My assignment here on earth is to BE, a human BEING.  In this experience, there is no pain, suffering, or uncertainty.  

ThetaHealing® Practitioners watch as the Universal Life Force energy enters into the chakras, organs, bones, muscles, brain and DNA/RNA to effect measurable change.  Physical pain, illness and injury can be immediately alleviated. Emotional trauma dissolves, to simultaneously be replaced with joy.  Using energy testing to locate unconscious beliefs, I can easily and quickly facilitate the removal of old patterns, habits and blueprints, and watch them be replaced with new information that serves the greatest and highest good for YOU. As Spirit is initiating the change, there is no limit to what can be achieved.

My pathway to today ...
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